DJ Love

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dr.'s Appointment Update

Well great news from the Dr. yesterday. We went to the Dr. on Friday for our one week appointment. DJ is doing fabulous. He is back up to above birth weight and was very good at the Dr. They were impressed that he was so healthy again and not a sign of jaundice. We do go back next Friday for our two week appointment and will get additional checks then.

We also went on our first outing-to Walmart. Not the most exciting trip but, very practical! He slept through the Dr. appointment and all through Walmart...what a champ!

He was definitely a chick magnet for Daddy not sure I am letting the two of them out by themselves! All the ladies were very interested in the Daddy with a newborn in Walmart.

We are back to home here today and maybe another outing tomorrow when Daddy is off again.

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