DJ Love

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grandma visits

We forgot to include picture of Grandma visiting on Thursday night! Grandma and DJ sat together and "visited" for about an hour during which they shared some special time.

We continue to have visitors all the time and cannot be happier to have everyone so excited..we are expecting Great Aunt Becky, Great Aunt Maggie and Great Grandma Butler in the next or well as more Grainger friends....busy times. But, so nice to have everyone excited to see DJ.

We got some great rest last night, DJ slept from 3-7 am was a wonderful 4 hours...on top of the normal every 2-3 we get.

I have included a picture of DJ chillin in his bouncy seat..which is a great method to take a shower for Mommy and Daddy! And the new froggy from Chris and Raissa that matches just perfectly!

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