DJ Love

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We arrived home yesterday at 1230 or so, and have been doing great. DJ is just perfect, doing well...eating, sleeping and creating diapers up a storm! Just like he should be-we had a pretty good night of up at 1230, 330, and then 630 am. I have been able to sleep with him after each feeding so, I am not feeling too bad.

We did make it home to see the majority of the IOWA vs Iowa State game yesterday and I have attached a picture of Daddy and DJ watching the game in the hospital.

Sadie is slowly adjusting, she has not seen me much and of course this is very disturbing but, we will make a slow steps.

I am hoping that DJ will begin to latch on a little better over the next few days as we have been supplementing with formula and some breast feeding.

We will try to send updated photos and information as we can, back to the pediatrician for 1 week check on Thursday.

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